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Oh my God Kimberly Bently – Best Time Of My Life

Oh my god, that is all I can say, Definitely the time of my life.??When the door opens I am thinking, Will this be money well spent, Did they use someone else’s picture. Hope she doesn’t hate her job. Will she finish me fast and leave.??

I am then met by one of the most...


Oh my God Kimberly Bently – Best Time Of My Life

Oh my god, that is all I can say, Definitely the time of my life.??When the door opens I am thinking, Will this be money well spent, Did they use someone else’s picture. Hope she doesn’t hate her job. Will she finish me fast and leave.??

I am then met by one of the most physically pretty and beautiful model like girls I have seen with the warmest smile, in fact the photos don’t even do her justice. Kimberley looks all the librarian and very inviting and she bids me welcome to the room and has a drink ready or me while chatting so warmly and friendly. She is not a bimbo by any means and comes across very smart and friendly and blends from librarian to porn star in the blink of an eye.

We sit down and she starts seducing me gently and my cock is already rock hard but her stroking me through my pants so gently, lets me know that I am in very well trained hands. She begins very slowly and sensuously, and slowly undresses me taking time to feel her way and raise every nerve in my body along the way. ?She then disrobes with the most wanting look on her face and presents the most beautiful body in tiny lacy lingerie. She has long legs, perfect tanned complexion and flat belly with the most stunning set of breasts with the nipples already on high beam. Her face is gorgeous and her warm smile and charming voice bring every sense in me to its pinnacle. She then continues to deep french kiss me while running her hands over my body and she does this like a 17 year old finding first love with passion. She then proceeds down to my eager cock and delivers the most mind blowing blow job, continually easing and increasing the sensation like she can sense when I am getting too close. I then beg her to remove her bra and panties and the vision just gets better. ?She has the most gorgeous waxed pussy with lovely small inner and outer lips like just out of a high class european magazine. I get her to to move around and 69 me and I begin licking and sucking her clit and her taste and smell just blow me away. It is like tasting a 16 yr old virgin…oh my god. Even her arse is sensational, like two ripe peaches and her date is the prettiest and tiniest star I have ever seen.

By now I have given up trying to find any floor and I am so taken away, I could die now and be very happy. ?I proceed to lick her vulva alternating between there and her arse with some intense rimming. All the time she is pausing and moaning like a virginal teenager and her juices are running down my chin and I can feel her thighs shuddering against the side of my face, while she holds onto my cock and balls very intently. Meanwhile the ripples are running down my back and every goose bump is alive. Within moments I am cumming all over her great breasts. She rubs my cum across her chest and samples some with her fingers which she then deep kisses me with. I am still entranced by the look of her glistening breasts with my cum and her tiny erect pink brown nipples.

We then lie together while she gently massages me and chats to me softly and before long I am raring for action again. ??This time Kimberly licks my balls while I lick and finger her slit and then she places a condom on with her mouth with the greatest of skill. She then mounts me reverse cowgirl and the muscle control in her vagina is unbelievable. She is so tight, yet it is like she is milking me and she is moaning with every up and down clenching and whispering the dirtiest things. On her request I slide a well lubricated finger into her arse and feel every clench and shudder of her body. She then makes a very sensuous comment and she gets off and walks over to the window and bends over with her knees on the floor and her head down on the carpet with her face turned and looking back at me. I then hold her cheeks apart, as I position the head of my cock right against her date and start pushing in slowly. Oh my fucking hell. She is so tight and she lets out a slight cry and moan as the head of my cock slides in with a pop and is then caught by her opening between my head and shaft. She then reaches back and at the same time slowly pushes back against me and I can feel every tight muscle slowly being forced apart until all of a sudden she opens up inside and my whole length slides into her and she lets out another cry and moan. ??From then on the intensity just builds and I am driving into her with everything I have and she is moaning and meeting me with every thrust. I even feel her starting to collapse under me and pull away, but I pull her tighter and follow her with every thrust, while at the same time fucking her vagina with my thumb and kissing the back of her neck and kissing her on the mouth as she tries to turn her head to meet mine. When I explode it feels like I have released every drop from the last 6 months. She even disengages from me with the slowest most tantalising movements gripping every last length of me as i finally pop out. ??We are both totally spent and have worked up a sweat, bet she had retained her sweet smell and beauty throughout. We then chat for a while and I compliment her on her beauty, personality and skill and she enchants me with her warmth and charm. I make one last request of Kimberly and hand her a silk handkerchief. We then both move to the shower to wash away our sweaty bodies, but I wish I could save her smell and taste.

We chat for a little while before I leave and Kimberly keeps her personality right through to me walking out the door, just like I am leaving a passionate and loving girlfriend. The last thing she does is hands me my hanky and for the remainder of the day I spend sampling her joys, while everyone around me thinks I have an on coming cold.?Kimberly Bently you are like a porn star, innocent maiden, sexy librarian, country girlfriend next door- all rolled into one. I cant wait to be with you again and look forward to treating myself for christmas. I THINK ANY GUYS THAT DOES NOT GO BACK FOR A SECOND DATE WITH YOU HAS GOT TO BE EITHER CRAZY, DEAD OR GAY. MAKE THAT CRAZY OR DEAD- I THINK YOU WOULD CONVERT THE GAY ONES.

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